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  • 289 / 427 Pallet Kit Pricing
  • 289 / 427 Deluxe Pallet Kit Pricing
  • 289 / 427 Turnkey Pricing
  • 36 Cabriolet Pricing
UNIQUE MOTORCARS 33autos PRICE SHEET Pallet Kit Effective March, 2005
Minimum Order Kit (choice of 427 or 289 body) $10,495.00
WILWOOD ENGINEERING Brake ad Clutch Pedals with 3/4" WILWOOD Master Cylinders - Installed 650.00
Accelerator Pedal and Mechanical Linkage - Installed 205.00
Original Style Hood and Trunk Latches - Installed 440.00
Custom Aluminum Radiator - Installed 500.00
Original Style Steering Wheel with Hub - Installed 375.00
NEW Original Style Steering Column - Installed 395.00
Steering Intermediate Shaft and Steering Joints - Installed 280.00
Custom Headers 495.00
Original Style Side Pipes (Unplated) - Installed 490.00
Functional Roll Bar - Installed (Choice of Chrome or Black, Forward or Rear Brace) 675.00
Hood and Trunk Props - Installed 100.00
Standard Rolling Chassis (Includes Custom Coil-Over Front and JAGUAR Independent Rear Suspensions, Powder Coated Black, Brake Lines, Fuel Line and Battery Cable Installed) 7,790.00
Total 22,890.00
Pallet Kit Price $22,390.00
Deluxe Pallet Kit Effective March, 2005
Pallet Kit (Choice of 427 or 289 Body) $22,390.00
Interior (Leather Seats, Vinyl Door Panels, hinge covers, carpet for cockpit and trunk) Black Standard, colors extra 1,700.00
Complete Standard Dash Assembly - Installed (Vinyl Dash Cover, Stewart Warner Deluxe Gauges or Auto Meter [Smith Style], switches and indicator lights) - 289 Dash, Add $150.00 Competition Dash, Add $150.00 705.00
Custom Wiring Harness (includes Flashers, Fuses and Horn Relay) 450.00
Dual Electric Radiator Fan 310.00
New Wiper Assembly - Installed 370.00
"Le Mans: Quick Fill Fuel Cap - Installed 245.00
Total 26,170.00
Deluxe Pallet Kit Price $25,670.00
STANDARD FEATURES: Choice of 427 or 289 Body Style, Solid color paint scheme (some dark colors higher), rebuilt 302 Engine, Top-Loader 4 Speed Transmission, Custom Coil-Over Front Suspension, JAGUAR Independent Rear Suspension, Black Painted Exhaust System, Black Competition "Quick Jack Pads", Chrome Valve Covers and Air Cleaner, 3" Lap Belts, "Le Mans" Fuel Filler Cap, BF GOODRICH Tires and Reproduction Wheels
BASE PRICE: Price on Request
Other Engines Price on Request
Posi Track Rear Suspension + 850.00
Heater \ Defroster 675.00
Four Racing Numbers (20" White Circle with 14" Numbers" 700.00
FIA Racing Fender Stripes 300.00
Double 427 Competition Stripes 500.00
Functional Roll Bar (Chrome or Black, Forward or Rear Brace) 675.00
Wind Wings 125.00
Sun Visors 125.00
Oil Cooler with Stainless Steel Lines 770.00
Removable Soft Top with Side Curtains 1,900.00
Removable Hard Top with Side Curtains 3,500.00
Removable "Le Mans" Fastback Hard Top 4,500.00
Tonneau Cover 350.00
Add for Ceramic Coating on Headers 350.00
Add for Ceramic Coating on Side Pipes 500.00
Aluminum Engine Compartment Panels 1,450.00
Aluminum Trunk Panels 1,200.00
FIA Brake Cooler Ducts 450.00
Side Number Lights 275.00
Battery Disconnect Switch 60.00
Shoulder Harnesses (Pair) 155.00
Chrome Fire Extinguisher 100.00
Coil-Over Shocks for Rear Suspension 895.00
Rear Anti-Sway Bar 300.00
Front and Rear Bumper Uprights 445.00
Front Bumper Oval 255.00
Rear Bumper Bar 255.00
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice



Includes a fully hand laminated fiberglass body. Unique Motorcars exclusive door hinges are installed with doors fitted and latched. Rumble lid is hinged in steel panels and fitted. Power windows with tempered door glass installed and fitted. All steel reinforcement is installed. Body is reinforced in strategic areas with Coremat®. The windshield frame is reinforced with 3/8" plate steel and is attached to the cowl bracing by welding. Top latch studs are stainless steel and are attached to 3/8" steel reinforcement. All top iron mounting points are jigged and welded in place.
Total $14,750.00
Right and Left Front Fenders 800.00
Right and Left Front Inner Panels 300.00
Right and Left Running Boards 600.00
Right and Left Rear Fenders 650.00
Hood (One Piece) 600.00
Total $2,950.00
Outside Door Handles with linkage 200.00
Inside Handles with linkage 200.00
Rumble Lid Latch, Striker and Outside Handle 160.00
Front Fender Braces 29.00 each
Headlight Braces 70.00 each
Rear Fender Braces 29.00 each
Fiberglass Headlight Buckets with Pivot Brackets and Bolts 120.00 pair
Fiberglass Tail Light Stands 120.00 pair
Original Style '36 Fiberglass Dash Board 160.00
'40 Dash (Altered to Fit) 275.00
Top Irons (Polished Stainless) 2,000.00
Wood Top Bows 900.00
Chrome Windshield Frame Kits 625.00
Stainless Tail Lights 35.00 each
Many Other Parts Are Available (inquire)

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