33autos is the newly appointed “authorized dealer/distributor” for Unique Motorcars and Southern Automotive for the Southwestern United States. 33autos will be offering Unique Motorcars cobra* replicas in the 427 and 289 models, as well as Unique’s new 36 Roadster. These are the finest built replicas being manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials available. Southern Automotive is the engine builder that is highly recommended by many and is a primary supplier for Unique Motorcars, 33autos is proud to be affiliated with both.

33autos will assist customers in ordering, assembling and detailing as well as marketing the entire line of Unique Motorcars. We will offer base kits, pallet kits and deluxe pallet kits as well as “turn key-minus” cars. We will discuss with our customers the options available to them before ordering their kit and engine and transmission choices as well as with preparation. The customer can specify any engine/transmission combination desired and 33autos will guide them through the ordering process. We will have at least one demo in stock at all times for prospective customers to see in person. Our business hours are from 9AM to 6PM CST Monday thru Saturday and we will have a voice mail available 24/7. Our phone number is 713-729-8736 and email is terry@33autos.com.

* Cobra is a trademark of FORD MOTOR COMPANY. Neither 33autos nor UNIQUE MOTORCARS' products have any connection with Ford.